Now Available at Portland Dispensaries

Creators of Flyt420™ are proud to announce our inaugural launch of Crispy Cubes, our fresh new assortment of cannabis-infused marshmallow crispy treats. These deliciously inspiring treats are available in four flavors: Chocoholic, Berry Good, Marshmallow, and Rainbow.

Our call to action is Get Crispy!

Crispy Cubes are very similar in texture and flavor to the traditional rice crispy treats that have been made at home and loved for generations. The bold packaging looks enticing and unique on the shelf, making it a go-to grab for your next adventure. The cubes are an innovatively designed 3-inch shaped cube, each filled with a joyous funhouse of flavor. The cubed package contains a total of 40 mg of THC that is then divided into single serve micro-doses of 5mg. The first Cube consumed activates within approximately 30 minutes.

“Easy, precise dosing, delivered in a whimsical, safe experience is one of our main goals when it comes to edibles. The entire package is 40 mg, so you know exactly how much THC you’re getting as you eat.”

Our proprietary recipe ensures Crispy Cubes’ bold flavor tastes like nostalgic cubes of crispy rice marshmallow goodness with no nefarious aftertastes so typical in most edibles. Flyt420’s recipe ensures that the flavor tastes like the classic, with natural sweetness and real flavors for your ultimate satisfaction. Because of an adventurous lifestyle and fun culture, all the ingredients are locally sourced, manufactured, and packaged in Oregon.

Crispy Cubes are handmade and packaged in Portland by Gesundheit Foods, the first Oregon-based company licensed by the OLCC’s Recreational Marijuana Program to pack and bottle cannabis-based food and beverages.

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